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API & Developer Information

NetcamViewer Monitor supports the implementation of various functions via a simple HTTP command. THis way a connection can be established between NetcamViewer Monitor and external equipment such as camera I/O's, Network I/O's or home automation equipment.

In the explanation of the API of NetcamViewer Monitor we assume that you already have the IP address or hostname.


Perform a HTTP command:



Available HTTP API Commands:


ACTION PARAM Omschrijving Example
hard-reset   Reset NetcamViewer to factory settings to factory settings . Accessible without a password. Only works if HDMI cable is pulled out.
list-views [FORMAT]

View all configured cameras and (multi-views).

Optional the format can be specified: json, csv or xml

play VIEW_ID[-TIME] Start a camera or (multi-)view corresponding to the ID from the list-views overview.

Start the view with ID "5"

Start the view with ID "5" for 20 seconds.
Then switch back to the current view:

play-sound   Plays a notification sound via HDMI / mini-jack  
play-startup-view   Starting startup-view (if set)  
stop   Stopping stream  
get-snapshot   Screenshot of the NetcamViewer Monitor display  
enable-remote-support   Enabling Remote Support function. Accessible without a password.  
disable-remote-support   Disable Remote Support function. Accessible without a password.  


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