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When your camera does not work in NetcamViewer Mobile, there are a number of possible causes. You can check the following items:

Is your camera supported?
When you have added a camera, you will see a "Camera Type" button at the bottom of the detail page. When you press this you will get a list of standard supported cameras. Is your camera not supported? Then it may be possible to add your camera as "Custom". For this you do need to know the direct path to the live-image of the camera. When you do not know this, please contact our support department.

Is the camera online?
Check whether the camera is switched on and available. When this is the case, try to approach the camera via Safari on the iPhone.

Have you entered the correct camera address?
Check whether you have entered the correct address in the NetcamViewer Mobile settings. You do not need to enter "http://”, this is added automatically.

Have you entered the correct username and password?
Check whether you have entered the correct data for user name and password in the settings. User names and passwords are often case-sensitive.

Should the camera still not work after these checks, please contact us. Also mention the camera type you wish to add.

on Thursday January 26 by Super User
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