How do I add a camera to NetcamViewer Mobile?

  1. You press the '+'-sign in the camera list.
  2. Add the name you wish to use for the camera.
  3. Add the ip-address or the hostname of the camera, without http://. This is already mentioned.
  4. In case you normally need to add a port number, you can change port 80 into another port number. If not, you can leave it.
  5. Add the user name and password of the camera. Both are case-sensitive.
  6. Select the camera brand.
  7. Depending on the camera type you can sometimes select extra options for the camera settings.
  8. Now select the top-right button 'Ready' and the camera list shall reappear.
  9. Press the camera’s name to view the live images.
on Thursday January 26 by Super User
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