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View & control any IP Camera on your iPhone or iPad

NetcamViewer Mobile has been especially developed for camera display on mobile gadgets, of which the iPhone currently is the first. By means of NetcamViewer Mobile you will have access to your digital IP cameras with just a few touches of the finger. Moreover, you will also have access to an intuitive control of your PTZ cameras and the option to apply digital PTZ.

The multiview option enables you to view several cameras at once on a screen.

NetcamViewer Mobile also makes it possible to track your network cameras on your network using the Bonjour protocol; adding cameras only takes a few steps.

ptzcontrolPan-Tilt-Zoom Control
 Via NetcamViewer Mobile you will have the possibility to control your PTZ cameras in a user-friendly manner. With the help of the intuitive interface you will have full control of the camera. You will also be able to digitally zoom in and scroll with non-PTZ cameras.
The existing preset list of PTZ cameras can automatically be loaded. This enables you to access the already created presets and select the correct position with just a few touches of the finger.
multiviewl Multiview (Dual & Quad-view)
The multiview function offers you two display options: Dual and Quad-View. These functions enable you to display several camera images on your iPhone. This means you can simultaneously observe up to 4 cameras.
folderviewCamera Folders
Keep your camera list transparent by using the camera folders. Cameras are easy to place in logical folders using the camera settings.

NetcamViewer Mobile supports cameras of all large manufacturers, among which Axis, Mobotix, Panasonic, Level One, Airlink, Canon, Convision, D-Link, Edimax, Gadspot, Linksys, Pixord, Panasonic, Sharx Security, Sony, Toshiba, en Vivotek.