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Live Streaming



  • Compatible with all common devices.

    All streaming packages, with the exception of Free, are able to stream to different platforms including Windows, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones, iOS and Android devices.

  • PTZ control, archiving and timelapse movies.

    It is also possible for the visitors to your website to control your camera via preselected postions, selection from a drop-down menu or by simply clicking in a panoramic view.

    Store incidental or periodic images in high resolution so that visitors to your website can also view historic images. If you desire, receive a time-lapse movie after completion of a project to allow progress to be viewed in a short period of time. Ideal for promotional purposes and placement on your website.

    If desired, NetcamViewer can make a time-lapse movie of your building project. In addition we offer the possibility to archive images of the different positions of a movable camera. Afterwards we are able to combine these images from all the different positions into a panoramic time-lapse movie. This distinguishes NetcamViewer from other providers.